ATNE is a member-run organization whose purpose is to foster existing and new collaborations in the New England art and technology communities, including non-profit, academic and corporate entities, as well as individuals.

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We were founded by Heidi Kayser with the directive to provide a bridge between creative and technical skills, communities, and goals.  Serving both the arts community and the Creative Economy, we recognize the value of sharing knowledge and relationships between the increasingly overlapping worlds of art and technology.

Art matures through advances in technology
We believe that the arts become stronger and more relevant with increased technical acumen and awareness.  The fine arts are best served by remembering/rejecting the values of the past and marching forward into this new century wielding modern brushes on modern canvas for new audiences with 21st century media-savvy needs and sensitivities.  Some believe this to be done through order, some through chaos, but the desired end result is the same: effective contemporary art.

Companies thrive through the union of technical skills with creative energy
Businesses run better by empowering creative individuals and cultivating creative processes: products are more competitive, problems are solved more quickly and effectively, revenues are higher, and people enjoy their jobs.   We believe that creativity is a skill set that can be learned, developed, and passed on like any other, and that certain environments foster its growth.  We strive to provide such an environment.

We serve:

  • Individuals
    • programmers/developers
    • artists
    • musicians
    • makers
    • animators
    • engineers
    • hackers
    • curators
    • scientists
    • scholars
    • individuals who are a part of a community arts or technology program
  • Organizations
    • companies
    • non-profits
    • universities
    • artist collectives
    • galleries
    • museums